Interview with the Victorious Clover Dynasty

+++Accessing archive file 57-B-a, “CLOVER DYNASTY+
+++Access granted+++
+++Opening Sub-folder “Post-Waaagh”+
+++Opening file 57-B-a-PW-8, “Special Report: The Heroes of Koronus Expanse”+

The following text is a transcript of a Calixian newscaster’s interviews with several members of the Clover dynasty, recording taken into the Inquisitorial archives followed by requests from the following Inquisitors:
Inquisitor Castellan
Inquisitor Trantia
Inquisitor Drachen
Inquisitor Cortez

MA [Mister Anderson, popular newscaster]
CM [Cameraman]
NC [Nadeus Clover, Rogue Trader, captain of the ship Herald of Progress
ZD [Magos Xenobiologis Genetor Senioris Zephyr Dross (more commonly known as Magos Biologis Zephyr)]

((Pistäkää haastatteluja omien hahmojen kanssa jos haluatte, kirjoitin ajankuluksi tätä lähinnä))

[Recording begins]

MA: Good evening dear viewers once again – as you can see [waves hand at his surroundings – an opulent ball room filled with Rogue Traders, Navy representativies and other assorted influential people of the Koronus expanse. For full list see file 57-B-A-PW-0.6] the mood on board here at the Herald of Progress is rather festive. And they do deserve it, after all, the leaders of Clover dynasty saved the whole Expanse from those brutish Orks! The foul Xenos failed underneath the counter-attack launched by these exemplars of all Imperial Virtues, their leader slain by these most holy of heroes! [a nearby servant appears to try his hardest not to laugh after hearing these words. The camera zooms on the servant for 3 seconds before returning to MA]
MA: And today, we are here to provide you, dear viewers with an unique opportunity to understand a little bit more about these heroes, as I, your good friend Mister Anderson, am here to interview these paragons of virtue! I believe we should start at the top, especially since I see Rogue Trader Nadeus Clover herself at the refreshment table.
[15 seconds of travel through the crowd, a momentary glimpse of a Kroot with a vest that has “SECURITY” written on it]
MA: Good evening M’am! I am Mister Anderson from Calixis Today, how are you today?
NC [smiles widely]: Oh, good day. I am of course feeling wondrous as our dynasty has managed to take out that foul Ork… umm…. you know, that Ork Warboss What’s-His-Face…
MA [checks notes]: Morgaz.
NC [flustered]: Right! Morgaz! The fiend. Umm. When his severed head fell from his corpse -
MA [confused]: Didn’t Morgaz die when Comissar Bane wrenched something important with his Power Fist? The picts of the monster’s corpse show his head mostly intact.
NC [even more flustered]: Umm… Oh hey! Zephyr! [waves at a tall figure looming out of the crowd] Could you talk to this gentleman for a few minutes, I need to go talk to… Rogue Trader… Topher. Important business. [leaves]
MA [confused]: But the interview wasn’t over… [camera pans to approaching tall figure in red robes, estimated length 2.52 meters, subject identified as Magos Biologis Zephyr]

CM: [muffled] By the Emperor… [camera pans to the tall woman’s face – of note is the slight elongation of the head, apparent despite obvious signs of hiding it, such as the hair style, metallic mask covering lower half of the face. Of note are Eldar style gems embedded into the subjects forehead (believed to be intended to prevent the growth of chitin in facial areas, see Inquisitorial file 451C-27A, “Operative Zephyr”)]
ZD [synthetic voice mimicing a feminine human voice]: Why did Nadeus call me here?
MA [uncertain, looks up at VD’s face]: Umm, ah, I am Mister Anderson of the Calixis Today, here to interview the victors blessed by the Emperor – or by the Omnissiah, as in your case, ah, Magos…? [camera pans over the myriad of arcane symbols of the Adeptus Mechanicus on ZD’s robe]
ZD [Annoyed] : Magos Biologis Zephyr. Full title Magos Xenobiologis Genetor Senioris. Magos Biologis Zephyr is sufficient for such as you. [cameraman moves around a little, recording the scene from the side, the image showing both VD and MA]
MA: Ah, certainly Magos Biologis, certainly.
ZD: Correction, this is going to take an eternity if you mewl like a prey thing constantly, Magos is sufficient. [reaches past MA and grabs a goblet of Amasec from the table. A small tube extends from the metal mask and ZD seems to sip from the goblet occasionally during the interview]
CM [muffled and overlapping]: Prey thing…?
MA: Umm, certainly. Am I correct in assuming that you were present when Morgaz the Fiend was defeated?
ZD [amused]: I did not know he was called the ‘Fiend’. But yes, I was present.
MA: Ah, it was just a little bit of coloring of the story, a newscasters habit. Anyway, it must have been terrifying, but surely you and your comrades faith in the Emperor and Omnissiah and our glorious Imperium ensured your victory.
ZD [uncertain]: I have not felt a tinge of fear for… [pauses for 2.1 seconds] 22 years. And besides, Traska and, what’s-his-face, the Weirdboy anyway, well, you’ll see later I suppose.
MA [confused]: Traska and… Weirdboy? What do you mean?
ZD [amused tone again]: Oh you don’t know. I am certain you will find out. Ha. [a pair of bizarre guttural noices. Believed to be laughter, or as close as ZD’s throat can mimic the sound]
MA [confused]: I… see. Moving on, [checks notes] ah, it says here you were the one that landed a killing blow on the fiendish Ork Freeboota Kaptain Silvork.
ZD [sad sigh]: Yes, (to my regret.) [the second part of the sentence was said in the language of the Eldar, translated by a Sister Dialogus]
Ma: What did you say?
ZD: Nothing. Forget what I said mewling thing.
MA [unsure]: Right.
CM [whisper, believed to be transmitted via microbead to MA]: For Emperor’s sake we can’t use any of this, ask something safer!

MA: So, err. I see you are quite heavily armed, even for this party. [nods in the direction of the arms coffin on ZD’s back, from which houses several melee weapons of various origins]
ZD [amused]: These days, violence is a natural part of my life, and I have decided to dedicate my next few years for serving the Imperium with my skills at causing death and destruction.
CM [mutters]: Finally something that isn’t too insane.
MA: Ah, good to hear, I think. There is no doubt about the combat skills of you or your comrades in the Clover dynasty, considering you all survived a close-quarters fight with an Ork Warboss and his retinue.
ZD [relaxed]: True, true. I have my differences with some of them, but there is no one in the galaxy I’d rather stand side by side than my comrades.
MA [smiling]: Not even the Ultramarines?
[short pause as ZD stares at MA]
ZD: No.
MA [wrongfooted]: Uh, right. This, ah, tells about how blessed these saviours of Koronus are, obviously. Holy men and women, without a doubt.
ZD: [untranslatable binary. According to Inquisitor Trantia, ZD confessed saying something about how MA is a complete idiot who has no idea who the leaders of Clover dynasty are actually like]
MA [nervous]: Haha, sorry Magos, I can’t understand binary.
ZD [condescending]: Of course you don’t, which is why I said that in binary.
[short pause as MA sighs – ZD takes this as an opportunity to refill her goblet with amasec. Amasec does not seem to have impaired her abilities yet – for possible reasons for this, see Magos Noradi’s and ZD’s research file 451C-D “Long term effects of implantation with [CLASSIFIED] in humans”]
((To be completed))

Interview with the Victorious Clover Dynasty

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